The honey badger flipper is a relatively new knife in the USA market. Originally exclusively for the overseas market the honey badger flipper was designed to fill a gap between the really expensive flippers and the poorly executed really cheap ones.

What is a Flipper?

The main purpose behind the flipper is to make the knife really easy to open one-handed. Instances of this could be when you’re up a ladder with one hand already occupied, lying in a confined space under the car/table/kitchen counter etc. or just about any time when your one hand is occupied and you need access to your knife.

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The Honey Badger Flipper is not an assisted opening knife and does not use any type of spring mechanism that shoots the blade open. Instead of the traditional thumb nick or just grabbing the blade with the other hand to open it, the flipper has a little tab that protrudes. Simply apply pressure usually with your index finger and the blade will pop open. How easily the blade opens depends on how well the knife is designed and adjusted. Instead of using a bushing or washer, The Honey Badger Flipper makes use of two opposing roller bearings containing a total of 18 ball bearings. This makes for an ultra slick opening action. In addition the pivot about which the knife rotates is adjustable and it come with a torx wrench to assist in fine tuning the opening action of the knife to your liking.

What is Deep Pocket Carry?

Many of the pocket knives out there feature some kind of pocket clip. Instead of the knife lying loose in your pocket the pocket clip allows you to clip the knife inside your pocket so that it’s easy to find when you need it. The problem with many of the clips is that when clipped into your pocket, some of the knife still sticks out. Much like when you have a pen clipped into your pocket. The Honey Badger Flipper has what’s known as a deep pocket carry clip. As you can see in the photo, the clip mounts really high on the knife so that when clipped into your pocket no part of the knife sticks out at all. Many people prefer this so as not to draw attention to themselves. Deep pocket carry also means that you could easily carry the knife when wearing smarter clothes and it wont look out of place.

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