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14C28N is a stainless steel often used in knife blade manufacturing. It is known for its excellent balance of various properties that make it a popular choice for knife makers. Here are some key characteristics and information about 14C28N stainless steel:

  • Composition: 14C28N is a stainless steel that contains around 0.62% carbon and 14% chromium, along with nitrogen, which contributes to its name. It’s designed to provide a good balance between corrosion resistance, hardness, and edge performance.
  • Hardness: 14C28N steel can achieve a good level of hardness through heat treatment, though it might not reach the same extreme hardness levels as D2 steel.
  • Edge Retention: This steel is known for its excellent edge retention and can maintain sharpness well over time, making it suitable for tasks that require frequent cutting.
  • Corrosion Resistance: 14C28N offers better corrosion resistance compared to D2 steel, which makes it particularly well-suited for outdoor and humid environments.
  • Toughness: While not as tough as D2 steel, 14C28N still offers a reasonable level of toughness for most general-purpose applications.
  • Ease of Sharpening: 14C28N is generally easier to sharpen compared to D2 steel due to its composition and lower hardness.

Overall, 14C28N stainless steel is valued for its combination of corrosion resistance, edge retention, ease of sharpening, and toughness. It's a popular choice among knife enthusiasts and professionals who seek a reliable and versatile steel for their blades. Keep in mind that the specific performance of a knife made with 14C28N steel may also depend on the heat treatment and manufacturing quality by the knife maker.