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Our opener blade is a "wave opening blade" or simply "wave blade" and refers to a type of folding knife design that incorporates a unique feature called the  "wave-shaped feature." This feature allows the knife to be rapidly deployed as it is drawn from a pocket or sheath. The wave opening design is especially popular among tactical and self-defense knives, as it enables quick and reliable one-handed opening of the knife. Here's how the wave opening mechanism typically works:

  1. Wave-Shaped Feature: The spine of the blade has a small, curved protrusion, often resembling a wave, near the base of the blade. This feature is designed to catch on the edge of a pocket or other material as the knife is withdrawn from its carry location.
  2. Deployment: When the user pulls the knife out of their pocket or sheath, the wave-shaped feature engages with the edge of the pocket fabric. As the knife continues to move forward, the fabric creates tension on the feature, causing the blade to rapidly and automatically open as it clears the pocket.
  3. Ready to Use: By the time the knife is fully drawn, the blade is fully extended and locked in place, ready for immediate use.

The wave opening mechanism is prized for its speed and ease of deployment, making it a valuable feature in situations where a quick response is needed, such as self-defense or emergency situations. It allows the user to have the knife ready for use in the blink of an eye without needing to use both hands to open it manually. It's important to note that the wave opening feature, while extremely effective for rapid deployment, also requires some practice to master, as it involves a specific drawing motion to engage the mechanism reliably. Users should exercise caution and adhere to safety practices when handling and using knives with this feature, especially in self-defense scenarios.